Telling you who to vote for is not my job. But I want to encourage you, for Scriptural and historic reasons, to get out and vote.


I’ve been stirred up after a recent visit to the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C. To realize the impact of the Bible in the formation of the United States of America is both inspiring and sobering. I recommend a visit to this beautiful museum any time you are in Washington D.C.

From our nation’s founding, through the Civil War and freeing of the slaves, to Martin Luther King’s fight for civil rights, our defense of the oppressed, and on into modern history, the Bible has been the foundation for so much of what is right and good about America.

With the elections coming soon, I began to contemplate the uniqueness of our form of government in the history of the world. About ninety-eight percent of the world’s nations have historically been run by kings, queens, emperors, dictators, tyrants, despots and a small group of elitists at the top.

America’s founders recognized that; do you know what they did? They set out to turn that whole system upside down.

Their inspiration from the beginning was the Bible, and specifically the ancient nation of Israel. For Israel’s first 400 some years, they were a community of tribes, led by judges and prophets. Their King was none other than Almighty God! According to Jewish historians, “At Mount Sinai G-d told Moses that if the Jews would follow in His ways, they would be ‘a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ If they would serve the one true King, they would have no need for a mortal replacement.”1

When they began to ask for a king, they got Saul, and their troubles began.

But when our nation’s founders began to consider government, they set out to flip the whole system upside down and actually make “We the people” the new rulers, kings, and queens of our nation. To make that work in a democratic system, each citizen is allowed a voice—a vote.

We are called upon to voice our opinions and to tell our government what our beliefs and values are, what we need, what we desire in leadership. By not voting, you lose your voice and give away your power.

Some polls show that half of the people who declare their faith in God are not registered. And half of that group isn’t voting.

We are losing our chance to participate in the most unique system in the history of the world, and to let our values and beliefs be known! We certainly are not a perfect nation, but we do have a voice.

As I said, I’m not going to tell you WHO to vote for – I wouldn’t even consider that. But I do want to tell you HOW to vote. Vote from the Bible, and from your beliefs and values as the Holy Spirit leads you. I encourage you to register. Then pray, study the issues and vote with your faith in view.

Don’t waste this God-given gift and opportunity to help direct our nation now and in the future.

Thank you!