I recently received a very encouraging letter from a reader of my new book, On the Mountain of the Lord. I want to share part of it with you because I am excited!  And I hope other readers will learn from the book and take away a similar experience.

The reader wrote:

“My second time through the book, I’m taking it slow and looking up a lot of details. I love the real facts about Israel and Jewish customs.  I enjoyed researching Between the Arches Restaurant (I watched a YouTube visual!) and looking up the meaning of, ‘Next year in Jerusalem,’ and googling Temple Mount Faithful.  I’ve learned about the Western Wall protocol, the Dome of the Rock, and was inspired to learn more about Israel’s history, such as the Balfour Treaty and the British Mandate.  I pulled out my copy of your article A Window in Time: Israel’s 70thAnniversary to reread and put more pieces of the puzzle together.

“I was intrigued by Jack [the main character] visiting the Grand Mufti, looked that up too, and was fascinated to learn of the Nazi connection. I listened to Benjamin Netanyahu on a YouTube clip discuss what your book called ‘the former Grand Mufti who made common cause with Hitler.’ This has been quite an education for me!  I have been inspired to review 1 and 2 Kings (Elijah and Elisha) and the books of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. Much like the way you teach God’s Word, this book has made the history of Israel come alive and relevant.  The reality of the unrest that is taking place in Israel is quite awakening and a bit disturbing. But it also ignites a heightened anticipation of Christ’s imminent return!”

The reader has given several books away and shared with others the newly learned information, scriptural connection, and inspiration.  I pray the book will inspire many other readers to do the same!

You can find On the Mountain of the Lord, which I wrote with best selling author Bodie Thoene, on Amazon HERE.  I hope you enjoy it and leave a review! I’d love to know what you think.


Many blessings,

Pastor Ray