Ray Bentley

Is the Star of Bethlehem a Myth or Reality?

I thought you would find this interesting as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, heralded by a super star! Astronomers find evidence of a magnificent star that hung over Bethlehem just over two thousand years ago  “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim...

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Did the Jews Discover America?

Did the Jews Discover America? As the darkness of the Medieval Inquisition swept through Spain in 1492, a momentous, history-changing event took place. Recorded in personal diaries, some of the details of this event became part of a relatively unknown book titled The...

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Prophecy Update: The Hook

The much discussed “blood moon” phenomena appear to have come and gone. People shrugged and thought, well, nothing happened. But maybe what went on behind the scenes of the world stage is just not commonly known. Let’s look at some history and current events in light...

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